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What we do

Our services cover the entire shopper journey and we build solutions that win where people are engaging with, or buying, your product.  We deliver incremental sales and value through integrated sales and marketing programmes which have data and insight at their heart.



The extent to which a shopper is engaged with your brand is paramount to success and every interaction affects this relationship.  Building solid foundations for a positive connection with shoppers at this early stage of the journey is critical.  Our services provide an opportunity for shoppers to interact and engage with your products, strengthening their relationship with your brand. 

Engaging shopper in store
Shop environment



Creating an environment where shoppers can purchase your products with ease goes way beyond putting stock on shelves.  We creatively influence and inspire shoppers to choose your brand whilst also removing barriers to purchase.  Our tools drive the most efficient in store actions ensuring the right action is completed, in the right place, at the right time.


Experience Measurement

Often there is a disconnect between the experience you seek to deliver and the experience your shoppers receive.  To close this gap, you need to understand the true impression your shoppers have of your brand.  We have a range of measurement disciplines which will identify the precise drivers of your shoppers’ experience and support you in delivering a refined solution.

Customer experience measurement survey
Analytics on Computer



Just as important as influencing a shopper is understanding the impact our activity has and how a shopper interacts with your brand.  For us, reporting what the data says and explaining what the data means are different disciplines.  We provide accurate, timely reporting and deliver true insight.  Importantly, the unique way our data is structured allows us to create industry benchmarks, so your results are viewed with context and not in isolation.





active selling

retail staff training

event management
















mystery shopping


customer satisfaction

brand audit


perfect store dashboarding

single & multi market reporting

retail analytics



how we do it

We have a range of resource models that are built to be agile and flexible and consider a number of factors in order to identify the best deployment solution to meet your needs. We can use any combination to best deliver your commercial priorities.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated, on-going resource.  This is your own exclusive team working for you and your brand in the field. 

We work with some of the top brands, running field teams either full or part-time of depending on our customers needs.


Access to fully flexible resource whenever you need them, dedicated to you for the duration of the activity.

We are the only agency accredited to call on all retailers. 
We can call anywhere, any day, at any time, for any duration.

Temporary Teams

An employed and dedicated resource for as long as you require but with a defined end date. 

This deployment method
can be used alone to
deliver one off projects or to supplement ongoing
field resource and

Crowd Sourcing

A flexible, task-based resource which offers speed of deployment, breadth of coverage and economies of scale.

Crowd sourcing offers
the ability to gather up-to-date, real time and large
scale insight into retail environments.

what’s it all about

The first question people ask us is “What is Field Marketing?”.  What we do is represent some of the most amazing UK & Global brands in the field.

“The field” is the universe of places where brands may be on sale or can be interacted with by shoppers e.g. grocery & convenience stores, DIY & specialists, cash & carries, events & shows etc.

Our people represent these brands in the field, spending their time with retailers & consumers helping grow their presence & sales at the point of purchase.

Our business is all about people; we don’t manufacture anything other than the great teams so we try really hard to make REL an amazing place to work & more like a family than an employer.

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