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As part of our commitment to deliver sustainable growth for our business, we are pleased to announce that REL is now ISO 14001 certified and working to a UKAS accredited standard. The internationally agreed ISO 14001 standard sets out the requirements for an environmental management system helping organisations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

With most of our teams operating across the country, we drive a significant number of miles a year and one of the most impactful changes we are committed to, is our goal to be fleet carbon neutral by 2025. This, along with our partnership with Oblong Trees, have been key to setting us on the path.

As we continue to look for ways both big and small to help reduce our environmental footprint, here’s just a glimpse of what we have achieved so far:

  • Switched over 21% of our fleet to hybrid thereby reducing our carbon emissions by 123 tonnes- the equivalent of 6150 trees
  • Partnered with Oblong Trees to plant 12 ,000 trees per annum to offset fleet emissions
  • Reducing our workplace footprint by relocating our head office to a more efficient office space – our flexible working policy along with the use of key technology in the field, means we have reduced non essential commuting by a staggering 80%! A win for both our people and the environment.

A big thankyou to everyone in our team who worked tirelessly towards achieving the ISO 14001 certification and adding to the wider Advantage Smollan group’s Path to Purpose mission for creating positive transformation to our business and the environment.