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We are proud to announce that Great Place to Work® has named REL 30th on its annual Best Workplaces™ in Europe list for a 4th consecutive year. The 2018 awards ceremony took place in Athens, Greece.

The list recognises organisations in four size categories: Under 50 Employees; Small & Medium (50-500); Large (501+); and Multinational. To be considered for inclusion, organisations must appear on one or more of the national Great Place to Work® lists in one of the 19 countries represented on the list and meet the minimum quantitative threshold on the Trust Index© survey. REL were considered for European placement after ranking 11th in the UK Great Place to Work® awards in May 2018.

More than 1.6 million employees from 2,800 companies across Europe participated in the survey and the ranking assessed employees’ perspectives on leadership, innovation, inclusion, organisational culture and trust.

Europe’s Best Workplaces™ create cultures that are welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. Ninety-three percent of employees at this year’s best workplaces say they’re proud of their workplaces and 92% say they can be themselves at work.

Stephen Gordon, REL MD said:

Colleague engagement is the heart and soul of our strategy and the primary pillar of our vision to be ‘loved by our people and first choice for customers’. We believe, very simply, that we can’t achieve the latter unless we create the culture to deliver the former!

It’s as clear and simple as this; engaged colleagues deliver better results. Engagement works for REL as a force and resource magnifier; whatever role our colleagues occupy, they do it better when they feel valued, consulted and listened to.

REL do not manufacture amazing FMCG and consumer electronic goods as all our customers do, our product is our people and our teams. This is why it is so important that our people are engaged, feel part of both ours and our customers’ families and fundamentally trust and love the company that they are a part of.

Even if it weren’t for the reams of workplace research available that shows engaged organisations and teams typically deliver twice the net income of those with low levels of engagement, we see it in the multi award winning and industry leading results that our teams deliver for our partners. It is also demonstrated in how often our colleagues go the extra mile to make things happen for our customers.

For engagement to work your engagement strategy will need to be cherished and nurtured every day. It needs to be lived by your people and managers, day in and day out, through real and practical demonstration of the values and culture of the business.

Engagement shouldn’t be a task or an extra job to do; it is the job!

We are really proud of our four consecutive UK and European appearances on the GPTW® rankings.  Those listings, along with the fact that in recent times more than 60 colleagues have chosen to return home to REL, tell us we are doing lots of things right, however we will never become complacent about people engagement.

In fact, the one (and only) thing that keeps me awake at night is pondering how we can become an even better place to work to deliver ever better for our partners.